Not All Blends are Created Equal

Not All Blends are Created Equal

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In the ever-evolving landscape of coffee culture, where innovation meets tradition, there exists a realm of experimentation that pushes the boundaries of what we know.


Over the years blends have become the popular choice for coffees served in coffee shops, restaurants and more recently on home espresso bars. This is largely due to their consistency, versatility and cost effectiveness. These three factors allow for a coffee that produces a familiar cup that is suitable for a wide range of brewing processes and at a price point that strikes a balance between quality and affordability.


However, blends have often been seen as second class when compared to single origin coffees, it’s very rare that a blend is ever picked by a coffee shop for their guest espresso or filter where the latter takes centre stage. - We often find this strange, especially when we look across to the world of whiskey where blending is viewed upon as an esteemed craft with great blended whiskeys heralded by bars across the globe. We caught up with our pals at Woven Whiskey in Edinburgh who specialise in blended whiskey.


“To us, blending is more than an action, it’s an idea. Blending is creativity. Blending is community. Blending is collaboration. Blending is exciting, it is discovery, it is something more delicious.”


Drawing on our teams mixology skills we set out to create blended coffee that is greater than the sum of its excellent parts, a blend that is fun and playful, a blend that creates excitement when brewing.


So, if you’re looking for looking for house blend - this is not for you. Freak & Unique XV - “Hide & Seek” is an elegant banger of a blend that features three different coffees from some of the world's most distinguished producers Diego Samuel Bermudez, Rafael Vinhal and Felipe Arcila.


Upon tasting this coffee you'll find balance, highlights and depth in abundance. Close your eyes, take a sip and think of coffee as cocktail as we take you on a journey with up front notes of floral mango and wild strawberry followed by creamy vanilla with a subtle buttered popcorn finish and aroma of toasted coconut.


Join us and venture beyond the familiar, embrace the unexpected, and celebrate the exciting as we mix things up like never before.



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