Carter's of Moseley

“HHCo have unparalleled integrity, attention to detail and passion which makes them, in our eyes, one of the finest roasters in the UK. They source some of the most exciting coffee we’ve ever tried, highlighting aromas and flavours that quite often simply leave you speechless.”
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Caffeine Magazine

"Everything we have tasted from HHCo has been superb"
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YBFs 2018

We were shortlisted for a Young British Foodie Award in September, 2018. Nominated for an honorary prize, after only a year of trading, was exciting!


Hundred House Coffee believes in supporting the arts through industry. Projects we've run, partnered on or supported for 2017/2018 have included a design project with Southfields Academy and Studio Hyte, online creative food directory Borderlands.Guide, D & AD festival, Creative Social and Safina Radio Project.

We partner with Dot Dot Dot, Royal College of Art, Copeland Park, Bernstein & Andriulli and Printworks amongst others. 

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