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HHCo have unparalleled integrity, attention to detail and passion which makes them, in our eyes, one of the finest roasters in the UK. They source some of the most exciting coffee we’ve ever tried, highlighting aromas and flavours that quite often simply leave you speechless.” — Carter's of Moseley, Michelin Star Restaurant, Birmingham
The Machines
At Hundred House Coffee we work hard to source and roast the best quality beans from around the world. We believe a good machine is key to ensuring that every cup is balanced and lives up to the work of the farmer and roaster. 
We partner with industry leading manufacturers on coffee equipment, including La Marzocco, Mazzer, Mahlkonig, Anfim, Nuova Simonelli. 


Explore machines with us at Hundred House Coffee - book your appointment today.

We supply leases, rental or full purchase on a range of machines. 

Technical Support

Our highly skilled engineers work across the UK and are always ready to work on any unforeseen issues. 

We work with you on everything from set-up and machinery to training. We can provide a fully rounded sales service including bar set up consults free of charge, installation of grinders, espresso machines, water filtration systems, and installation, warranties. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like to chat through your needs.


We work with extraordinary micro-lots through to consistent seasonal blends, meaning delivery on every cup—we want your team to be as confident as we are. 

We work collaboratively with people who share our passion for unique and quality hospitality. When in partnership with Hundred House Coffee, our customers receive not only beautifully roasted coffee but also barista training for the team, either at the roastery or on site as part of their contracts.


Come and visit us at our roastery ... get in touch first to make an appointmen—email or call us on 01584 841206 and we'll get back to you.