Freak & Unique XV 'Hide & Seek' - Extreme Brews

Freak & Unique XV 'Hide & Seek' - Extreme Brews

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Taking inspiration from our boundary pushing blend, Freak & Unique XV -'Hide & Seek' - we've been getting experimental with our brewing methods in order to push extraction to the limits.

Traditional brewing methods have their charm, but experimental coffee brewing invites you to rethink what you thought is possible. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a homebrewing novice, this journey allows you to explore uncharted territories of taste.

Understanding the science behind coffee extraction is crucial for anyone delving into experimental brewing. Variables such as grind size, water temperature, and brew time play a pivotal role in extracting flavors from the coffee grounds. Experiment with these variables and discover the subtleties that each adjustment brings.

Check out the video below where we get experimental with our own brewing techniques. Using 20g of Freak & Unique XV - ‘Hide & Seek’ and making the most of the Hario V60 Switch to suspend a 50ml bloom for 30s before dropping the brew for 15s and then suspending for a further 15s while adding 50ml.

Repeat this 6 times until you have a final brew of 300ml.

This recurring combination of immersion and drip brews adds a uniquely balanced combination of body, clarity and complexity with super punchy notes of wild strawberry, juicy mango and toasted coconut.⁠



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