We are speciality coffee roasters based in the rural hills of Shropshire. We combine expertise with passion to source, roast and supply unique coffees from small holds around the world.  

Our roastery is a converted barn,  in a yard shared with other rural-living, speciality-driven food producers. 


A core part of our approach is supporting the arts through industry. We work with a variety of artists and designers – allocating a portion of our profits to art and design initiatives. Our collaborations include working with public galleries, along with art and design entities, to create spaces that invite social and cultural dialogue, coupled with great coffee. We use analogue knowledge, based on over 20 years of speciality roasting experience, to sample and develop the roast for our coffees in response to their innate flavours and aromas. We only stock a small and carefully selected range of responsibly sourced coffees, taking time to discover and roast the best we can find. We have created a selection of expertly fused espresso blends – ranging from the sweet and jammy, to the 'made for milk' and the pure organic. 

The Hundred House was traditionally the meeting place for every hundredth of land – before the existence of shires or counties. These places, or spaces, were used by the community for everything from casual gatherings to weddings, funerals and administration. Based within an area of deep cultural references, embedded within the farming industry, we place importance on our local role as a window to seasonal farming practices around the world. The Hundred House, traditionally a place that drew the community together, is here a symbol of a collective space, where conversation, art and industry meet, over a cup of coffee.



Matthew Wade has been roasting coffee for over 15 years. After graduating in Fine Art, Matt moved to New Zealand where he worked as a barista at a number of different coffee houses and roasters, across the North and South islands. Bringing this knowledge back with him to London, he played a leading role in the rapidly emerging coffee scene that began ascending in the city from 2002 onwards, becoming one of the UK’s first licensed Q-Graders and a graduate of LA’s Coffee Chemistry. He was a key speaker for SCAE at London’s Olympia and was 4th place runner up at SCAE Coffee and Good Spirits 2008; 2nd place runner up in the Roasters Guild Competition in Portland 2009, a British representative and judge, 2010 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence; a sensory judge at the 2012 U.A.E B.C and a coffee quality judge for the 2013 Ecuador international coffee Expo. Matt has held a number of roles centered around the art of coffee roasting, including Matthew Algie, Bullet Coffee and was head roaster for Union Hand Roasted from 2007 to 2012 and Coffee Planet from 2012 to 2015. He is a co-founder of Nightjar Coffee in the Middle East  – a leading specialty roaster and green supplier at the forefront of an emergent coffee market. 

MANAGER/CO-OWNER  - Anabelle de Gersigny

Anabelle de Gersigny manages the roastery, working closely and creatively with clients and building on our community projects. Within her role at the roastery, she implements the company's drive to bring art to industry. She is the founder and co-director of Art-iculate.org and the founder of Safina Radio Project. During five years spent in the Middle East, she worked at Tashkeel on programming with a particular focus on working with creative individuals and start-ups, developing residency and critical practice programmes as well as editorial and research roles at TCA Abu Dhabi including Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Louvre Abu Dhabi and Zayed National Museum. De Gersigny was the founder and director of the Tram Depot, an artist run project space in London from 2005 to 2009 and has worked in various positions within contemporary art including research and editorial positions with Hauser & Wirth (London), Phaidon Press (London) and CAPHouse Studios (Japan). She has curated numerous art and design exhibitions, working on publications, online platforms, magazines and directly with artists and designers. She is currently completing her MA in Critical Writing at the Royal College of Art.