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Uganda | Maliba

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REGION: Rwenzori Mountains
ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1850 MASL
PROCESS: Natural

The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest mountain range in Africa located on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Topped with year-round glaciers at 5000m.a.s.l the slopes slide down an ancient forest reserve into the sparsely populated coffee fields and continue down the plateau of the Queen Elizabeth Game Reserve.

Mulhuma is a small, hard-to-reach trading centre situated at 1,600masl in the mountains. The centre works with 1,161 local smallholder farmers, providing a vital connection to export markets for this remote community. It is especially hard to reach Mulhuma in the rainy season due to the poor condition of the roads. When the roads aren't suitable, donkeys are used to transport fresh cherry to the collection point. 

The centre is run by Stephen Muhindo Pundamali, who buys ripe cherry from farmers at a premium whilst also providing additional services and projects such as agronomic training and a coffee sapling nursery.

This lot is naturally processed with a 48-hour fermentation in an oxygen-limited environment. Ripe cherries are hand-harvested and selected for density via floatation. These selected cherries are then fermented in sealed hermetic bags for 48 hours, before being sun-dried on raised African beds for 3-4 weeks. The Agri-evolve staff turn the cherries consistently to ensure even drying. Shade is used between 12 and 3pm if there is a lot of sunshine.



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