Freak & Unique

Lock up your inhibitions and throw away the key. It's time to get weird.

Freak & Unique is our curated curiosity collection of the most off-the-wall coffees we can find.

Our selection is all about highlighting the outstanding and the abnormal. Each coffee is a sensory journey to be savoured and remembered.

All coffees in our Freak & Unique series are available with a limited edition artwork.

Purchases from this range help to fund our non-profit Art & Industry work, fuelling independent artists and creatives.


Coffee For Collectors

The first in the Freak & Unique series comes with 150g of rare, thermal shock washed coffee, a limited edition print by Toucan Tango and an A4 poster for your wall.

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Unparalelled In Unique Flavour

FARM: Diego Samuel
REGION:El Tambo, Cauca
PROCESS: Thermal Shock Washed

Tasting Notes: Jasmine and cherry lollies with key notes of raspberry leaf and raspberry syrup

As part of a tight knit family Diego works on their farm in Cauca with his wife, two daughters and two brothers. Together they are involved on the pursuit of continual learning and striving to achieve the next level with their processing.

More About Diego Samuel

With A Limited Edition Artwork

For this very special first edition of Freak & Unique, we've commissioned Toucan Tango; illustration, design and screen printing duo Luce and Scott, to produce a limited run of exclusive screen prints.

Artwork: Freak & Unique I, Toucan Tango, screenprint on 350gsm natural uncoated card, edition of 120, 2020


Freak & Unique | Colombia | Diego Samuel Geisha with Framed Artwork