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Colombia | Robinson Rivera

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PRODUCER: Robinson Rivera
FARM: El Silencio
REGION: Piendamo, Cauca
ALTITUDE : 1700-1850 MASL
PROCESS : Natural

Producer Robinson Rivera has been growing coffee for 18 years and part of the ACC group for 5 years. This lot comes from the El Silencio farm, with 6 hectares of coffee growing area producing Castillo and Tabi. This naturally processed lot undergoes tank fermentation for 48 hours before being silo dried at 28 Celsius. Drying is paused at 16 hours and the temperature is raised to 37 degrees until 20% humidity is reached. Finally further fermentation takes place in sealed plastic cans for 24 hours, then parabolic drying is used to achieve 10% humidity. 

The ACC Coop (Asociación de Caficultores del Centro del Cauca por la Paz) is a non-profit organisation that was created in 2016 in Piendamó, Cauca. The purpose of the association has always been to improving coffee quality, going all the way from the crop through to commercialisation, where focusing on these aspects leads to positive social impact - improving the wellbeing of the regional families, taking care of the environment, and harnessing peace in the territory. 


As the fourth largest country in South America, and the third largest coffee producer in the world, there is no mistaking Colombia’s presence in not only scale, but also skill. The country offers a landscape of contrasts; mountains, forests, coastlines, and micro-climates that work to produce some of the world’s most recognisable coffee.


Once the world’s largest producer of washed coffees, Colombia has had to re-energise the coffee sector after a 2009 case of Leaf Rust decimate much of the production. Thanks to large investment, disease resistant varietals of coffee trees have been planted, and volume has increased from a low of around 7.5million bags to over 12 million in 5 years. Colombia used to produce only washed Arabica coffee, from three main geographical areas trisected by the Andes mountain range. Regional coffees have become increasingly popular and are demonstrable of the distinct flavour profiles available throughout the nation. Coffees are typically mild bodied (hence the categorising term ‘Colombia Milds’), with crisp acidity and citric sweetness.



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