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Colombia | Dulima

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REGION : Huila
ALTITUDE  : 1500-2000 
PROCESS  : Washed
VARIETAL: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Colombia Dulima is Excelso EP grades sourced from high altitudes in the Tolima and Huila growing regions. Half of every hand-selected lot is guaranteed screen 17/18 or higher. As an excellent single origin, this fully washed coffee is smooth and clean, with a pointed acidity and good body.

Dulima was created in 2009 to capture the quintessential coffee profile of the central and south Huila region. Throughout the volcanoes and mountains of Huila, outstanding coffees are grown. Lots are carefully selected through a rigorous sensory analysis at origin to guarantee profile consistency and quality from lot to lot. 

Dulima was inspired by indigenous groups from the southern region of Colombia, namely The Pijaos people of the region around the Tolima volcano, natives long before the Spanish arrived, who called the volcano “Dulima,” meaning Snow Queen. 



As the fourth largest country in South America, and the third largest coffee producer in the world, there is no mistaking Colombia’s presence in not only scale, but also skill. The country offers a landscape of contrasts; mountains, forests, coastlines, and micro-climates that work to produce some of the world’s most recognisable coffee.


Once the world’s largest producer of washed coffees, Colombia has had to re-energise the coffee sector after a 2009 case of Leaf Rust decimate much of the production. Thanks to large investment, disease resistant varietals of coffee trees have been planted, and volume has increased from a low of around 7.5million bags to over 12 million in 5 years. Colombia used to produce only washed Arabica coffee, from three main geographical areas trisected by the Andes mountain range. Regional coffees have become increasingly popular and are demonstrable of the distinct flavour profiles available throughout the nation. Coffees are typically mild bodied (hence the categorising term ‘Colombia Milds’), with crisp acidity and citric sweetness.



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