Tether at BCF 2023

Tether at BCF 2023

Commissioned by Hundred House Coffee, Tether is an interactive art installation brought to Birmingham Coffee Festival by talented screen printers and owners of Sup Shop, Scott and Luce (known artistically as Toucan Tango).

In amongst the caffeine-buzzing business of BCF 2023, we invited members of the public to choose a shape/design and screen print it onto a continuous scroll of paper. One artwork links to the next, tethered by a visible crossover. The concept of Tether was created in the aftermath of lockdown, keen to dispel the loneliness of isolation and reunite the people. At BCF we encouraged the public to come together - tethered by a shared interest in coffee - and take a moment to leave their individual mark on the festival. This art installation offered a brief pause from the intensity of the festival, allowing people to relax and reconnect.

As a team, we had a great time at BCF - it was lovely to see so many smiling faces and even lovelier to share our coffee with you all. It was an honour, as always, to work alongside Scott and Luce to create something so fantastic. 

This is the final time we will be showcasing Tether at a trade show. But watch this space to see what we come up with next time...



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