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  • wilfa svart grinder hundred house coffee speciality coffee
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Wilfa Svart Grinder Aroma

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When the Wilfa Grinder was released, we were really pleased to find a grinder that is an affordable solution for home users and low volume brew bar. It works well with the Moccamaster if you are look for a small office or home set-up.

Perfect for grinding coffee to use with your Aeropress, Chemex, V60 or other home filter brewers. The burr grinder features easy to use grind adjustment that's built right into the 250g hopper and a timed grinding option, so that you can easily grind the same amount of coffee beans each time. It's also quick to dismantle, making it easy to keep nice and clean.

The grinder has UV protected 250g hopper capacity.

Has a small footprint at 170 x 285 x 130mm. Cool running, slow speed DC motor ensures delicate aroma compounds are not lost during grinding.



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