Bridging communities

Supporting the arts through industry was a founding principle of Hundred House Coffee. Weaving in the non-profit to our day-to-day activities is something that came instinctively and to which we are committed. As the business grows, we are able to support more projects, and we have some exciting new ventures on the horizon for 2023. 


Join us at London Coffee Festival on 20th - 23rd April for live screen printing.

Each participant will be invited to create their own print - screening their identity onto a continuous scroll of paper, one artwork linking to the next, tethered by a visible crossover. ⁠

20th - 23rd April @ London Coffee Festival

The Kulhar Project

2021 saw the first in our series of site specific installations targeted for large scale coffee events. We showcased The Kulhar Project - an interactive ceramics installation, asking participants to engage with the crossovers between sustainability and creativity through the tactile experience of making reusable coffee cups. The project launched on 23 September 2021 at London Coffee Festival. Follow the project here.

Projects Supported

Safina Radio Project

Safina Radio Projects are itinerant online broadcasting platforms, each edition acting as a roving stage for conversation and performance, working with underrepresented artists and/or alongside contemporary art events.

Hundred House supported the third edition of the project at the Kochi Muziris Biennale. 

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Beat Hotel Marrakech

The Beat Hotel, originally a Glastonbury tent, moved and expanded its programme to Marrakech. The festival features  an incredible lineup of live music and DJs, one-off culinary collaborations, and a talks programme with some of todays great minds and voices. Hundred House Coffee supported the first edition in 2019, sending over a team and bringing over a sand heater for a much loved Turkish coffee bar.

Projects Commissioned

We commission and lead on community-led projects. Most recently, the Borderlands Project - a non-profit resource offering a window into the producers, makers and contemporary culture along the Welsh borders. Visit

Education Programme

Bringing ethical practice to the classroom

We work with a few inner-city schools to highlight ethical business practices, food and drink sourcing, to the classroom. The programmes run for several months of the year, working closely with teachers to highlight the coffee story – from the farm to the cup. 

The students are commissioned to work on creative products - whether packaging or 3D work such as drippers - that challenge and draw out everything they have learnt about the speciality coffee industry. We then use the best products to package coffee for teachers, for example. This year with our partner schools in the West Midlands, students will be designing and creating coffee drippers.  

Follow our creative activities

To keep up to date with our activities, read our journals - ranging from city coffee guides through to origin focused interviews with artists.

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