We are speciality coffee roasters based in the rural hills of Shropshire. We combine expertise with passion to source, roast and supply unique coffees from small holds around the world.  

Our roastery is a converted barn,  in a yard shared with other rural-living, speciality-driven food producers. 

A core part of our approach is supporting the arts through industry. We work with a variety of artists and designers – allocating a portion of our profits to art and design initiatives. Our collaborations include working with public galleries, along with art and design entities, to create spaces that invite social and cultural dialogue, coupled with great coffee. We use analogue knowledge, based on over 20 years of speciality roasting experience, to sample and develop the roast for our coffees in response to their innate flavours and aromas. We only stock a small and carefully selected range of responsibly sourced coffees, taking time to discover and roast the best we can find. We have created a selection of expertly fused espresso blends – ranging from the sweet and jammy, to the 'made for milk' and the pure organic. 

The Hundred House was traditionally the meeting place for every hundredth of land – before the existence of shires or counties. These places, or spaces, were used by the community for everything from casual gatherings to weddings, funerals and administration. Based within an area of deep cultural references, embedded within the farming industry, we place importance on our local role as a window to seasonal farming practices around the world. The Hundred House, traditionally a place that drew the community together, is here a symbol of a collective space, where conversation, art and industry meet, over a cup of coffee.



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