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FARM: Mkulima Kwanza
REGION: Mbozi, Songwe
VARIETAL : Bourbon, Kent
PROCESS : Natural  

Mkulima Kwanza AMCOS is a co-op started in collaboration with Communal Shamba Ltd, a social enterprise founded solely by young Tanzanians. The co-op have sought to differentiate themselves by consolidating and streamlining the traditional value chain for smallholder coffee production, as well as through pioneering processing techniques to diversify their offering and open new markets.

Communal Shamba works with a number of farmers groups (known in Tanzania as Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies, or AMCOS) in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania; Mbeya Region, Mbozi District. Most the farmer groups are part of the Ihowa Community.

This year, Communal Shamba paid the highest cherry price in the region, almost 80% higher than the standard local market price. They have also engaged in a number of broad scope local community projects.

These projects include rehabilitating the local school and a broad scope health project tackling. Specialty Naturals are a unique process from this region in Southern Tanzania. Ripe cherries are carefully sorted to select the highest quality and then dried in the sun on raised African beds for an average of 14 days.