Peru | Damian Espinoza Garcia


FARM: Damian Espinoza Garcia
REGION: Chirinos
VARIETAL : Caturra
PROCESS : Natural


Chirinos is a district in the province of San Ignacio and is one of the most well known areas for quality coffee in Peru.

Chirinos serves as a hub for coffee buying and trade. Whilst the coffee landscape in Chirinos is still dominated by middlemen and FTO certifications, there is a growing interest in specialty coffee.

Damian Espinoza Garcia is a producer from Alto Pirias. He grows mostly caturra variety, along with some castillo and catuai.

Damian competed in the 2018 Cup of Excellence competition, placing 2nd with a washed yellow caturra. Damian mostly processes washed coffee, but this year has started to produce natural coffee, which has given great results in the cup.

Damian picks his coffee with the help of his family and hired workers, once picked the coffee is washed and then placed on raised beds, where it dries for 40 days.