Guatemala | Finca Quejina


FARM: Finca Quejina, Nicolas Ramirez Ramirez
REGION: Huehuetenango
VARIETAL : Caturra, Pache Rojo, Bourbon
PROCESS : Washed and patio dried
FLAVOUR NOTES : Apricot, Tangy Orange, Chocolate

Quejina is a family owned farm, and has been inNicolas Ramirez's family since it was first used for forestry harvesting (lumber, timber) and then once it was converted to coffee land. Nicolas hopes to expand the land by buying more plots nearby, to separate out more cultivars as microlots and plant new ones, and to improve both the farming techniques and the conservation programs on the land.

The coffee is picked ripe and depulped, allowed to ferment for 18–24 hours, and dried—drying takes between 3–5 days depending on the ambient temperature and weather.