Ethiopia | Kennisa

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FARM: Kennisa Lot 14
REGION: Gomma, Jimma Zone
ALTITUDE: 2000-2100 MASL
VARIETAL: Heirloom

This coffee has been produced by a relatively new formed coop called Kennisa, that is part of the larger Kata Muduga Union. 305 smallholder contributed to the lot, the workers and the management of Kennisa have done great things to ensure high quality despite operating on their own for only three years. Most of the houses and therefore the land of which the coffees are grown are located at an altitude of 2000-2100 MASL, contributing to the characteristic profile.

The member farmers who sell their cherries to the coop often have as few as several hundred coffee trees around their homes, and perhaps have up to a single hectare at most. On the day of picking the cherries are de-pulped and cleaned using an eco-pulper and the parchment coffee is then placed on beds were it is gently dried and moved frequently through the day. From here the coffee is transported to the capital Addis Ababa, where the parchment layer is removed and the coffee is graded by density, size, and optical sorter. This lot is made up mainly of the endemic landrace varietals (Heirloom) that have been passed down within the families throughout the years, the culture of ripe picking and a very clean process is paramount within the group.