Ethiopia | Kabira


FARM: Kabira
REGION: Agaro, Jimma
ALTITUDE : 2000 - 2100 MASL
VARIETAL : Heirloom
PROCESS : Natural


Kabira is one of two washing stations owned and operated by Mustefa Abakeno. The washing station processes coffee from his own 18 hectare farm, as well as coffees grown by his neighbours near Agaro in the Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia.

Mustefa’s farm is planted with coffee varietals from the Jimma research centre, and he chooses to wash half of his coffee whilst leaving the other half natural. The Kabira washing station, which was established in 2020, generally handles the processing of natural lots.

2018 saw a shift in Ethiopia’s export regulations, allowing coffee producers and privately owned washing stations including Mustefa’s to export their coffee directly, outside the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. This change has enabled a far better level of product traceability, and incentivised producers to invest in their production processes, resulting in higher quality lots year after year.