Costa Rica | La Maquina

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FARM: Finca La Maquina
REGION: Santos
VARIETAL: Red Catuai
PROCESS: Black Honey

This Black Honey lot was cultivated at Finca La Maquina by Roger Bernardo Madrigal Monge. Careful processing at Solis&Cordero Micromill helps bring out the bittersweet chocolate, stone fruit and cherry. Roger Madrigal has been producing coffee for over 35 years, he inherited Finca La Maquina from his parents and hopes to continue growing coffee on the farm for many years to come. His hard work has translated into good prices for his cherry and enabled him to send his daughters to school. Solis&Cordero Micromill was founded in 2018 by the Solís Cordero family to help support smallholders in the Santos region.

For smallholders working with Solis&Cordero, the mill helps them differentiate their coffee by maintaining farm-level traceability and by using innovative, quality-focused processing methods to further improve coffee. Roger and his family selectively handpick ripe, red cherry and deliver it to the mill. At intake, cherries are inspected and then fermented as whole cherries for 48 hours. It is then pulped, then parchment and remaining mucilage is transferred to raised drying beds where it is raked frequently to ensure even drying for approximately 16 days.