Colombia | Fincamigos

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FARM : Fincamigos, Cafeexport
REGION : Antioquia
VARIETAL  : Castillo
PROCESS  : Natural

Cafexport created Fincamigos to explore more socially and environmentally sustainable ways to cultivate coffee in Colombia. With Fincamigos, Cafexport plans to explore more sustainable ways to cultivate high-quality speciality coffee. They are searching for ways to make a more lasting positive social impact and to preserve and rejuvenate coffee farm ecosystems. Cafexport cultivates a range of high-quality varieties at Fincamigos. They produced their first Tabi, Geisha and Sudan Rume lots in 2020 and their first Laurina lot in 2021. Fincamigos preserves 4 hectares for forest conservation.

They have planted more than 650 native trees and plants. These native species help rejuvenate the ecosystem and create a habitat for the migratory birds that pass through the region each year.

This Castillo lot is processed with the same attention to detail and results in a delicious, flavourful cup. Cherries are selectively handpicked and laid to dry on raised drying beds. it is raked frequently to ensure even drying. Once dry, cherries are bagged and rested on the farm for approximately 3 months before being transported to the dry mill to be hulled and prepared for export.