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Colombia | Volcano

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REGION : Nariño
ALTITUDE  : 1700-2200 
PROCESS  : Washed
VARIETAL: Castillo, Caturra
TASTING NOTES: Red Fruit, Chocolate, Caramel

Narino has the highest altitude in Colombia at which coffee is grown which also means temperatures are quite low. This results in a slow maturation of the cherries which ensure higher levels of sugar in the coffee. Unlike many regions in Colombia, Narino’s soils are extraordinarily rich in volcanic ash which is mainly due to the high volcanic activity in the area.

Typically, volcanic ash soils contribute to a much healthier nutrition and higher complexity in the cup. Finally, Narino has a unique climate pattern. For most times of the year it is very humid, and rainfall can be quite intense. Amazingly every year precisely during harvest time the sunshine comes out which creates the best conditions to pick, process and dry coffee.

This coffee comes from smallholders across Narino whose farms do not exceed 1.5 hectares.



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