Colombia | El Triunfo

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FARM : Vista Hermosa El Triunfo
REGION : Huila - Saladoblanco
VARIETAL  : Pacamara
PROCESS  : Washed

Alirio Galindez is a native of the Cauca department of agriculture, livestock and according to the UN, is one of the departments with the largest illicit crops of coca leaf (raw material for the production of cocaine) which has made this department one of the hardest hit by the Colombian armed conflict.

From a very young age Alirio and his family were part of the more than 1,500 families that were dedicated to the cultivation and production of coca, with fear and restlessness a part of everyday life.

Tired of living in this situation, Alirio decided to flee and move to the municipality of Saladoblanco-Huila, where he became part of a beautiful community of small producers, and together with his wife they learnt everything related to coffee. Family work has always been a fundamental part of the growth of the farm, his wife maintains order and security within the mill to ensure quality while his 12-year-old daughter, who is still in school, helps with the harvest.

The dedication and constant work has meant the farm now has two hectares planted with Pacamara and Supreme, coffee varieties that are already known for their quality. Alirio aims to continue training so that his farm produces more varieties of excellent quality, to support his family but also be an inspiration families who still earn a living through illicit crops.