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Burundi | Gaterama

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Washing Station: Agahore
REGION: Gitega
ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1850 MASL
VARIETAL: Bourbon & Mibirizi
PROCESS: Natural

Burundi Agahore Gaterama is a carefully cultivated coffee from a cooperative lot in
Gitega, Burundi. Within the lot, 720 farmers utilise both the wet mill and coffee
farms on offer in the Gaterama village. After Gaterama’s first washing station was
established in 2012, a close bond between farmers and Murambi villagers was
formed and continues to strengthen and grow alongside the farm’s commercial
success. This community of workers then makes use of all the different producers
surrounding each washing station, ensuring volume and wide profile flexibility.

As well as being lovingly cherished within a community, the Mubarazi River of Gitega
provides an ideal source of clean water where the cherries are handpicked, floated
and handpicked once more, before drying in the copious sunshine. Unique to
Gaterama is the ‘Umueremera’ (or African Cherry Tree), an almost-extinct natural
source of shade which guarantees even drying. Such care and attention result in a
boozy, fruity smoothness.



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