Brazil | Fazenda Recanto


FARM: Fazenda Recanto
REGION: Cerrado Minerio
VARIETAL : Topazio
PROCESS : 64 Hour Fermentation

This incredible lot is from Fazenda Recanto – a farm located in Serra do Salitre, Cerrado Mineiro region. The Rainforest Alliance certified farm is also a member of the BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association).

Cherries are picked with a mechanical harvester. The selected varietal is Topázio which is a yellow colour when ripe. After picking, the coffee is washed to separate the mature cherries and then fermented. It stays in ferment for 64 hours with constant monitoring of the temperature and pH. The cherries are then depulped and fermented again for another 36 hours to develop acidity. After that, they are washed one last time and the fermentation stopped. This lot was then dried on raised beds with constant moving of the beans under partial shade for 7 days.

This fermented Topázio is one of the most exclusive lots from the farm and one of their first available to direct trade. It is a nano-lot of only 5 sacks and was placed 6th in Algrano’s Senta Que Lá Vem Café competition last year.

 The title of the competition directly translates to ‘go grab a seat because the coffee is coming’ comes from the phrase ‘senta que lá vem a história’ (go grab a seat because the story is coming), an expression in Portuguese used when someone is about to tell a long story. The competition took place in Minas Gerais, Brazil, to showcase the best of the season. The lots were cupped by an independent heavy-weight jury headed by Jack Robson, one of Brazil’s first Q Graders and the only certified Brazilian Q Instructor. Jack was joined by Francisco Lentini Neto – Q Grader, manager of Minasul’s speciality coffee department and Cup of Excellence judge since 2011 and, William Batista Mariano – Q Grader, part of Minasul’s QC team and judge in multiple national competitions.