Inspired by Farmers

Inspired by Farmers

We buy from the most dedicated farmers, predominantly from Africa and Central or South America. Based within the rurality of the Welsh Borders, we are committed to dialogues that contribute to a healthier and more productive synthesis of communities across the globe, reflecting the rural ecosystem that we live in, the heart of local produce and food in the UK.

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Ethical Practices

We are committed to provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers; ensuring the farmers get paid a good price for a good product and that the relationships are long term, not just seasonal. For these reasons, we believe in sourcing from farmers we know and who are using processes and methods we are familiar with.

Head Roaster Matt Wade has been in the coffee industry for 20 years and has visited or met many of the origins and often the farmers we buy from. We work through a close selection of green suppliers, guaranteeing the farmers a price irrespective of market fluctuations and before a harvest is complete. They also pay the farmer before coffee is shipped, in this way supporting the small farm holds and facilitating them to run as independent businesses. With this recognition to the farmers arises a freedom and commitment to develop unique coffees of distinction and often, the funds to improve their post-harvest processes so that they live up to the quality of the cherries.