Tea [W]

We partner with Good + Proper Tea Co., supplying some of the world's most unique teas to compliment Hundred House Coffee. A mirror of our own practices, Good & Proper Tea are passionate brewers, blenders, curators, traders and, perhaps most importantly, drinkers of loose leaf tea. They work hard to find, taste and select teas from farms and co-operatives around the world, always looking for something special that will stand up on its own without blending or flavouring. 

Similar to our coffees, the teas they source from around the world are single origin, meaning that each of the teas come from a single geographical region, estate or garden. Unlike a blend, which might combine leaves from different origins, the flavour profile of each is therefore largely reflective of that region - the soil, the climate, the altitude or as it is known in wine, the terroir. The producers in those regions work hard all year round to nurture their tea crops, working with nature to ensure the best possible flavour in the leaves when they eventually come to be harvested. 

The Good & Proper Tea collection is made up of blacks, oolongs, greens and white teas, as well as a range of herbs, each of which bring something different to the table. They look for whole leaf, ‘orthodox’ teas that are representative of their type, their region and their style and then try to find the best possible version of that tea. Each of them are numbered according to the order in which they found, tasted and fell in love with each one, before including them in their collection.



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