Peru | Eufemio Dominguez

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FARM: Eufemio Dominguez
REGION: El Condor, Huabal
VARIETAL : Catrurra
PROCESS : Washed

Eufemio Dominguez Aguilar owns two hectares of land in the El Condor area of Huabal. The farm is planted entirely with caturra, which Eufemio has maintained for some years. Eufemio manages his farm organically, applying compost and manure as fertilisers and weeding manually with a machete. Picking is carried out mostly by the family themselves and also by neighbours, who form mingas, which are free labour exchanges, where farm owners club together and pick for each others farms, exchanging their time and labour rather than money.

Once picked, the coffee is fermented overnight and up to 24 hours before being washed and then placed to dry on tarpaulin mats, where it dries for around ten days.