Guatemala | Finca Filadelfia

FARMER: Finca Filadelfia

REGION: Antigua
ALTITUDE : 1500 - 1700 MASL
VARIETAL : Bourbon, Caturra
PROCESS : Washed

The Dalton family farms are located in the coffee region of Antigua, spread across a valley surrounded by three volcanoes. They are currently being operated by the 5th and 6th generations of farmers in the Dalton family. Coffee represents 214.64 hectares of the entire farm.


Manuel Matheu initially borrowed the land at Filadelfia, where he planted some coffee in 1864. After his first harvest, he was commissioned by the President of Guatemala to show small farmers how to grow coffee. Thus the Antigua coffee growing region was born.


After picking, coffee is sorted. The coffee is then weighed, and transported to the wet mill. Upon arriving at the wet mill the coffee is moved to the flotation tanks. Coffee is pulped and then moved to the concrete fermentation tanks. The coffee ferments between 24-36 hours.

When ready, it passes through the demuciliager. The coffee is then moved back to the fermentation tanks to rest in water for another 24 hours.

From there the coffee goes to the washing channels. The beans move to the end of the channel where they await transfer to the patios. The coffee is first dried on the patios for 3 days, and then finished in the machine dryer for another 3 days. The coffee parchment is removed when it has reached its ideal moisture degree for storage.