Guatemala | Finca Villaure


FARM: Finca Villaure, Aurelio Villatoro
REGION: Huehuetenango
ALTITUDE : 1650 – 1800 MASL
VARIETAL : Bourbon and Caturra
PROCESS : Washed and Patio Dried


Aurelio Villatoro grew up on his father’s farm, where he learnt everything he knows about the industry and farming methods. In 1986 he purchased his own farm, calling it Villaure. From day one, he dedicated his efforts and time to producing high quality coffee, winning many national and international awards.

Aurelio (with his brothers) is seeking to increase his direct trade clients. The traditional mill in Guatemala will often pay the farmer immediately or in advance but at a significant discount. Not only is there quality in the cup with this coffee lot, but a driving passion with the knowledge that every lot bought moves the farmer a step further away from the traditional model, each time allocating more of the production to direct trade, where both roaster and farmer win.