El Salvador, Los Nogales


FARM: Los Nogales, Miramar plot
REGION: Apaneca Llamatepec
ALTITUDE: 1450-1650 MASL
VARIETAL: Red Catuai
PROCESS: Double Soaked
FLAVOUR NOTES: Cacao, caramelised Muscovado sugar, dry Sherry

This is our first exclusive coffee from JASAL and the Salverria family on the Los Nogales estate. This lot is the new crop from a plot on the farm named ‘Miramar’ and consists of a red catuai varietal grown at 1450-1650 masl and is double soaked at the farm. In the cup there is a rich dark chocolate undertone, followed by a complex muscovado sugar sweetness and dry sherry acidity. 

Los Nogales is a very special farm as it was the first farm that the Salaverria bought and it is where Jose Antonio Salaverria grew up.