Costa Rica | Johel Alvarado Black Honey

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FARM: Johel Alvarado
REGION: Central Valley
PROCESS : Black Honey

Johel Alvarado and his family run a farm in San Miguel de Grecia. At the site, near the Poas Volcano, they grow a few different varietals of coffee which they separate into microlots. As members of the Co-op Victoria, they are able to take their cherries to a shared processing station.

Co-op Victoria was established in 1943, and works with producers of coffee and sugar cane. Beyond their technical assistance, the co-op also offers its members medical help, schooling, machine servicing and financial support. The co-op also runs projects aimed at empowering women and young people.

With over 3000 members, the co-op is able to export coffee internationally as well as supplying the domestic market. This ensures that even coffee unsuitable for export doesn’t go to waste.