Colombia | Anserma Coop


FARM: Amserma Coop
REGION: Caldas
VARIETAL : Orange Castillo
PROCESS : Natural

Anserma Cooperative is located in the western area of the department of Caldas, it started operating in 1967. It is an agricultural centre where the cultivation of coffee stands out. The Cooperative has an extensive knowledge a


nd experience in the commercialisation of coffee, and the support of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Caldas.

The Cooperative with the new General Manager Luis Miguel have looked to embrace technology and the shift towards specialty coffee production.


They have been building temperature controlled areas in the warehouse for looking after the micro lots that the producers deliver. As well as this, at the cooperative they have started to experiment with producing naturals for the first time without putting the risk on the producer. 

The varietal used in this lot is Orange Castillo. After picking and separation the coffee is then washed and fermented in sealed barrels for 96 hours. After this it is then put in the drying box where it is dried at 35-40 centigrade for 100-120 hours.